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Starlights, N’s birthday wishes really comes true and I am proud to be one of VIXX’s fan.
They won 1st for the first time at Music Bank on 6 December 2013 and keep their promise with buying chicken for 300 fans.

I feel like crying every time I see this pic. This is so damn touching and I hope VIXX win even more awards in 2014.

Let’s make VIXX’s wish to become the trend this year comes true! Fighting!


Anonymous asked:

Hi can i ask where or what video is Leo having a zipper accident from? Do you possibly have a link??

Leo had two zipper accidents.
The first one was happened during Apgujeong fansign and you can check Leo’s fansite named “LeoX0X0” for the fancam on YT.
While the second one was happened during their performance at KC21 (if I’m not wrong) and you can check the fancam from Leo’s fansite named “theunicorn90” on YT as well.

I can’t online right now so I can’t give you the link but I will post it on my tumblr if I have time! Promise!

Hope that help! :)

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